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Posted on Oct 18, 2013

Been a while, eh?  With Xbox Live Indie Games slowly being pulled off life-support, it was time I moved on to something else — turns out that something else is the Unity game engine.

Which brings me to the topic of the day: U2DEX — my first foray into making plugins for Unity.

From its asset store page:

U2DEX streamlines areas of the Unity Editor for 2D development, further turbocharging your 2D workflow.

By stripping away 3D values, or presenting them in a way that makes sense for 2D space, U2DEX rounds out and polishes some of the Unity Editor’s sharp, 3D corners, while still maintaining the Unity look-and-feel you know and love.

Essentially, U2DEX makes creating in Unity even more awesome for 2D games.  Here’s a run down of some features:

  • Grid tool – Aligning objects has never been easier!
  • Snap tool – Snap objects to numerical units, or to a Grid component’s Grid if you have one enabled!
  • Applicable class editor – Apply the 2D Transform Inspector to virtually any class with a name!
  • 2D Toolkit support!
  • Orthello support!
  • Enhanced Size and Scale – Use the underlying object’s scale, if possible. Preserve your dynamic batching with no extra work!
  • Enhanced Rotation – Use Degrees, or Radians, and watch as U2DEX converts between the two in real time!
  • Compatible with Unity Free and Pro
  • FULL source code access!

There’s more in-depth info on it’s product page.
In addition, you can now talk about stuff on our forum!

By the way, U2DEX is only $10, which makes it super cheap.
You can buy it here!  (I’ll love you forever!)

That’s it for today.  Hopefully some people get some use out of U2DEX — I had fun making it, so I'm hoping you have fun using it!

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