Script Creation, Simplified

If you use Unity, chances are that you "script" to some extent.  The script creation workflow is engrained into your mind -- Create a new script, rename the script, open the script, delete and/or add methods you need, etcetera.  All of this before you can do what you set out to do -- actually script something! Nobody likes pre-preparing a script file for scripting.

(And that's just for one script; repeat the process a few times for multiple scripts!)

There's got to be a better way, right?


Simply Scripting

With uTemplate, script creation just became a lot easier.  Using its intuitive UI, you can set up your new script before it's created.  When you hit "Create" your script is generated the way you want.  Focus on scripting your awesome thing; forget about the hassle of the "old workflow".

No renaming, no method deletion/creation -- once your script is generated, you're ready to rock!

And the best news? It's only thirty-five bucks ($35.00).  In the words of MAD magazine: "cheap!"
That's about the price of a nice lunch!

Additional Features:

A Robust, Easy-to-use Interface

Creating scripts shouldn't be difficult.  uTemplate does its best to stay out of your way, while still providing you with additional power when you need it.

A Truly Smart Template System

uTemplate is based on an extremely smart templating system that makes it easy to create (and even share) templates for your project.  Curiosity piqued? There's more information in the documentation.

Powerful Presets

Tired of making similar, but slightly different scripts? Presets are a powerful tool that enables you to save snapshots of scripts you create with the Script Creation Wizard, and load them later.  From there you can quickly add or remove methods before creating your new script.  Talk about a time-saver!

Extensive Preferences

Customize almost every aspect of your generated scripts!  Line-endings, comments, bracket positions, line indentation -- you name it.  uTemplate is built to be customizable (check the docs for more!).  Say goodbye to fixing Unity's generated default scripts!

Compatible with Unity Free and Pro

It doesn't matter whether you're using a Free or Pro license -- uTemplate won't complain.  uTemplate is compatible with both the Personal and Professional versions of Unity 5.

Built-in MonoBehaviour Methods

uTemplate comes with full support for all recent MonoBehaviour methods, making it easy to build out a new script (or preset!) using newer Unity 5 functionality.  Over 60 MonoBehaviour methods included!

Flexible Built-in Templates

uTemplate features pre-made templates for common script types, including:

  • MonoBehaviours
  • Scriptable Objects
  • Asset Postprocessors
  • Custom Editors
  • Editor Windows

All of these and more are fully functional out-of-the-box, and can be used as a base for your own template or presets!

Need a little help?

uTemplate has its own fully-fledged documentation area, with pictures, examples, and more.
If you're stuck, it's a great place to read up on all things uTemplate.