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Contact Us FAQ

Q. What do you guys do with my information?
A. After we've replied to you? Absolutely nothing. We don't -- and won't -- sell your email to some spam service, or anything similar.

Q. Why do you need my name?
So we know what to call you! There's nothing nefarious going on here -- we just want to know what to address you by, and to verify that you're human.

Q. I have something extremely urgent to tell you, when will you get back to me?
We read all of our contact submissions, so we should get back to you within 24 hours or less. Please be patient, as we don't have a dedicated submission-reader.

Q. I'm from (Place Z) and I'd love to work with you on (Project X)!
We're really flattered! Please send us your proposal -- including as much detail as you can -- and we'll get back to you right away!

Q. I'm from the press, and I would like to write an article featuring one of your games or products, but I need specific materials (screenshots, boxart, descriptions, etc.). Can you guys help me out?
Of course! If you contact us and request materials for your article, we'll do our very best to accommodate you in your endeavor. Please specify what you're featuring in the article, and what materials you require, and we'll send you what you need. We'd also appreciate it if you specified where the article will be posted as well -- we'd love to read it when it's finished!

Q. I'd really love to join Unfinity Games. Is there a place I can apply for a position?
We love your enthusiasm, but we are not currently accepting job applications. This may be changed in the future, so check back often!