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About Us

Originally conceived as a school-project, Unfinity Games became a focus-on-fun-and-quality indie game development studio.

We're not the fastest developers -- many other studios have higher indie game output. Although we don't have their brute-force numbers, we have fun, quality, and charm -- arguably much more important and memorable.

Over time, Unfinity Games has become something special. Studios that focus on the games first and foremost -- AAA, commercial, indie, or otherwise -- have become an increasingly rare sight these days. Too many developers become obsessed with turning a profit, and the "fun" in games falls by the wayside (and quality suffers, too). We'll never do that; we'll always put the game above the profit. We'll continue to respect the players, since they are ultimately the ones who matter the most.

Remember the days of yore, where games were games, and they were meant to be the very best they could be? There were no pay-walls, there was no content locked away on the disc to be sold to you at a premium later, and there was no sequel already 75% done and waiting to be kicked out the door 11 months down the line. These are the memories we want to evoke. The satisfaction when you finally finish your favorite game in the arcade. The tension of realizing you're playing on your last quarter. The rush as others gather around you to watch a true gamer playing a true game.
This is the essence of gaming.
This is the essence of Unfinity Games.

We think we're building something special. We hope you'll think so, too.

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