3D Editing, Reimagined for 2D Space

Unity is a 3D engine.  Chances are, if you're here, you already knew that.  Many a-successful 2D game has been made with Unity, but often-times trying to create a 2D application in 3D space usually ends up feeling like attempting to single-handedly conquer hostile territory.

With only a spoon.

In your underwear.

This is where U2DEX (Unity 2D Editor Extensions) comes into play.

Streamlined 2D Editing

U2DEX overrides the default Unity Transform Inspector to bring you a smooth, intuitive, and generally more awesome 2D editing experience.  Now you get the best of both worlds -- the power of 3D, with the simplicity of 2D.

U2DEX doesn't just streamline, however.  It also enhances.  Introduced alongside the U2DEX 2D Transform Inspector are the 2D Snapping tool and the Grid tool, both of which work seamlessly with each other, if both are in use.  Positioning sprites has never been easier -- snap them to the grid, or snap them to an arbitrary number of your choosing -- everything is up to you.

And the best news? It's only fifteen bucks ($15). In the words of MAD magazine: "cheap!"

Additional Features:

Grid Tool

Aligning objects has never been easier!  Simply add a Grid component to a Camera (or anything, really!) and you're ready to go!  You can configure how large each grid section is, and the color of the lines to boot!

Applicable Classes

Got some awesome class that you want to streamline for 2D?  Is this class not officially supported by us?
No problem!
With the Applicable Classes editor, you can apply the U2DEX 2D Transform Editor to any class that has a name.  Just type in the name of the class, and watch the magic happen!

Snap Tool

Keep your objects aligned!  Snap objects to numerical units, or to a Grid component's Grid, if you have one enabled!  Units can be integers, or decimals (floats), and the Snap tool will keep the final position a whole or fractional number depending on what you input.

2D Toolkit Support

Straight out-of-the-box, U2DEX comes pre-packaged with built-in support for one of, if not the, most popular 2D Sprite solutions for Unity: 2D Toolkit.

Compatible with Unity Free and Pro

It doesn't matter whether you're using a Free, Plus, or Pro license -- U2DEX does not discriminate.  U2DEX is compatible with both the Free and Pro versions of Unity, and is also compatible with Unity 2017.4.1 forward!

Consistently Supported

U2DEX has been lovingly supported since it released in 2013.  Although it is considered feature-complete, there are no plans to discontinue support.  U2DEX has your back!

Enhanced Size and Scale

Unlike the default Transform Inspector, U2DEX tries to use the underlying object's size/scale, not the size/scale of the transform.  This means that for toolkits like 2D Toolkit and Orthello the sprite's Size or Scale is used, which preserves dynamic batching for higher performance (especially on Mobile!) with no additional work required from you.

Unity 2D Sprite Support

Loving the new 2D Sprites introduced in Unity 4.3?  Well, now you can love them even more!  U2DEX natively supports the new 2D Unity sprites out-of-the-box, so you can start creating your dream 2D game with even less work.

Enhanced Rotation

U2DEX makes it even easier to manage rotation on your objects.  Unlike the standard rotation controls, U2DEX allows you to edit rotation in Degrees or Radians, and then it will convert between them in real time!  Can't tell the difference between 180 degrees and 3.14 radians?  Don't worry, U2DEX has you covered!