An Intense, Tough-as-Nails, Twin-Stick Space Shooter

Space Crüesader takes the classic bedlam of dual-stick Robotron-style shooting action into space and adds nail-biting, scream-at-the-screen twists to challenge you. Fight your way through six increasingly hectic levels -- each with custom music and new enemies -- then brace yourself for the 7th circle of bullet hell on the final level where your skills are put to the test in a new way as you blast your way to the alien mothership for a showdown to save Earth.


... With a Little Something for Everyone

Featuring over 370 professionally-recorded voice clips, over 40 minutes of amazing music, full custom soundtrack support, 21 unique objective-completion badges, an intense co-op survival mode, online high-score boards (Xbox LIVE Gold required), disability-friendly options (such as disabling flashes, or enabling subtitles), and more -- Space Crüesader is sure to have you coming back again and again.

Protip: There's a free trial, too!

Space Crüesader is currently priced at 80 Microsoft Points ($1).
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