uNote 1.20 Released!

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Jun 14, 2014
The newest version is live on the Asset Store! New users will get the newest version automatically, while current users will have to download the update from the Asset Store.

Here's a full changelog for this release:
  • Resolved issues with Unity 2019.
  • Compressed embedded resources, resulting in a smaller overall package size.
  • Fixed an issue where Texture2D.LoadImage could load our embedded editor resources with incorrect RGB values.
  • Added better support for the new Editor themes coming in Unity 2019.3.
  • Fixed the Note Title or Note Content labels occasionally becoming highlighted after leaving Edit Mode.
  • Added support for hotkey switching between fields in Edit Mode (Control + Tab to switch).
  • Added a highlight color to the Save Note button if it's currently in focus.
  • Added the ability to Save a Note by hitting Enter if the Save Note button is in focus.
  • Fixed cases where the incorrect inspector width could be used, due to changes in how Unity reports the inspector tab width.
  • Fixed a case where the Property Drawer could flag the parent object as dirty when no changes had been made.
  • Fixed a case where changes to Preferences wouldn't be saved properly.
  • Updated Note titles and made them clickable in Compact mode.
  • Changed the Note icon used in Compact mode to a custom one, to work around some versions of Unity not loading the specified Editor icon.
  • Updated some styling for uNote's Preferences so they render properly in the new Preferences Window (2018.3 and above).
  • Updated some tooltip text.
  • Updated the Shared code to the latest version.
This should fix all outstanding issues that I'm aware of (thanks for letting me know about your issues, everyone!).
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