U2DEX 1.46 Released!

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Jun 14, 2014
The newest version is live on the Unity Asset Store! New users will get the newest version automatically, while current users will have to download the update from the Asset Store.

This is a critical hotfix release, resolving some issues with version 1.45. If you are on a version earlier than 1.45, you might want to read the release notes for 1.45 first, as there are some breaking changes.

Here's a full changelog for this release:
  • Fixed a critical Reflection error in newer versions of Unity.
  • Altered the Preference saving so it detects and saves changes immediately, and more reliably.
  • Changed many of the internal Reflection calls to use the newer, more reliable methods used in uTemplate.
  • Fixed a case where the detection of custom Applicable Classes could fail.
This should fix all outstanding issues that I'm aware of (thanks for letting me know about your issues, everyone!).
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