uTemplate Beta 0.60 Released!

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Jun 14, 2014
The newest beta version is live! This is the first release that's available on the Asset Store, and also marks the end of the open beta period. A special thanks goes out to all of the awesome beta testers for the feedback!

Here's the full changelog:
  • uTemplate is now in stable beta. Thanks to all the early beta testers!
  • Fixed a rare bug with the Unfinity Games Updater where the initial size would be too large if all available assets were installed at once.
  • Fixed a case where templates could be stored in the incorrect location, due to bad caching.
  • Fixed a case where method file tags could bleed into method name declarations, if no space inserted between them.
  • Subdirectories will now be searched properly when checking for installed templates.
  • Fixed a case where a space after a [DEFAULT] tag was required for proper parsing.
  • Added a new method tag: Unity version. Tagging a method with this will hide the method if the current Unity version doesn't support it.
  • Updated a few of the built-in templates.
  • Added a new feature: Downloading Templates. Templates can now be downloaded from uTemplate's Github repository.
  • Added a "Download New Templates" entry to the Script Creation Wizard's options menu.
  • Updated/rewrote how template overrides are calculated.
  • Added downloaded templates to the override priority calculations. Template priority is now Custom > Downloaded > Built-in.
  • Added a "Refresh Window" entry to the Script Creation Wizard's option menu, and made F5 refresh the window.
  • Updated the template selection dropdown menu. It now supports sub-menu sorting, based off of the directories your templates are in. Great for organizing!
  • Added an asterisk to a template's dropdown display name if it's currently overriding another template.
  • Added a Shift+Control+T hotkey to open the Script Creation Wizard.
  • Extracted the Script Creation Wizard's MenuItem out of the DLL and into a separate file, so its location and hotkey can be changed freely.
  • Made some changes so uTemplate works as far back as Unity 4.7.0.
  • Added a specific GUI case in the Preset Window for when there's no Presets to display.
  • Fixed Create + Attach not working in Unity versions earlier than 5.3.
  • Added a preference option allowing verbose logging to be toggled on/off.
  • Other small bugfixes/changes.
This should fix all outstanding issues that I'm aware of (thanks for letting me know about your issues, everyone!).
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