uTemplate Beta 0.54 Released!

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Jun 14, 2014
The newest beta version is live! You can download it (for free, of course) via the Beta Downloads forum area. Not in the uTemplate beta? Read this on how to join (it's free, and easy!).

The main draw of this version is support for automatically filling-in base.Method calls inside of overridden methods. Definitely a cool addition, and makes for one less thing you need to do once your script is created.

Here's a full changelog:
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.
  • Added support for the automatic filling-in of base.Method calls for overridden methods.
  • Added a button in the Preferences that links to the Documentation.
  • Added the Readme.
This release also marks the start of the Updates changelog. From now on, you'll be able to check for new version updates by clicking the Updates button in the Preferences.

This should fix all outstanding issues that I'm aware of (thanks for letting me know about your issues, everyone!).
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