U2DEX 1.30 Released!

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Jun 14, 2014
The newest version is now live on the Unity Asset Store! New users will get the newest version automatically, while current users will have to download the update from the Asset Store.

This version brings full Unity 5 compatibility, as well as other various features and improvements. To say that it's a major update would be an understatement!

Here's a full changelog:
  • Changed one GetComponent call for full compatibility for Unity 5. No API updater needed.
  • Removed support for Unity versions older than Unity 4.3. U2DEX now supports Unity 4.3 through Unity 5.
  • Changed U2DEX's namespace from u2dex to UnfinityGames.U2DEX.
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to the u2dexGrid and perspective scene cameras.
  • Added new Grid Scale options to u2dexGrid. You can now select from multiple sizes, in case larger sizes slow down your editor too much.
  • Renamed u2dexGrid's component menu entry from 'Grid' to 'U2DEX Grid'.
  • Improved how Grid Size's X and Y values work in the u2dexGridInspector.
  • Fixed a bug where u2dexGrid wasn't resetting the Gizmo.color to whatever value it was before rendering the grid.
  • Restructured the U2DEX directory. U2DEX is now an Unfinity Games folder, as we now have a Shared folder for common utilities between our plugins.
  • Moved our images into Editor Default Resources. This means that our images will never be included in your builds.
  • Drastically improved support for both the Light and Dark editor skins. We now fully support both.
  • Consolidated our Editor Events into one file, as well as moving them to our new UnfinityGames.Common.EditorEvents namespace.
  • Added some missing tooltips to the u2dexGridInspector.
  • Changed the Updater and Changelog Viewer to be asset-agnostic, as well as renaming them.
  • u2dexEditorPrefs is now UnfinityEditorPrefs, and now resides in the Shared folder.
  • Fixed some Transform Inspector inconsistencies regarding text color and foldout icon sizes.
  • Fixed an issue with the Help dialog's 'Close' button not actually closing the dialog.
  • Removed u2dexMenu.cs, as it was no longer needed.
  • Did some clean up in all of our classes and added some extra comments where needed.
  • Updated our NGUISupport.unitypackage.
  • Added a warning in U2DEX's preferences that will show up if NGUI is detected, but the user hasn't imported our support package.
  • Moved FixIfNaN into the base TransformInspector2D class, as it didn't need to be in every child class.
  • Clamped the low-end of u2dexGrid's size to 1, as values below 1 unit behaved erratically in Unity.
  • Improved support for moving U2DEX's folder to another sub-folder in the project. U2DEX no longer assumes it's in the root directory.
  • Resolved an Editor GUI Repaint issue when going into or leaving play mode.
  • The UnfinityUpdater will now close when the user has chosen to view a changelog on the internet.
  • Updated all of U2DEX's Asset Store/Promotional images.
This should fix all outstanding issues that I'm aware of (thanks for letting me know about your issues, everyone!), as well as add some nice new features and improvements!

Note that due to the major changes in this update, I strongly recommend fully deleting all U2DEX files and re-importing from scratch. No data or preferences should be lost in the process.
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